Proprietors Under Debt Laying The Tarmac Of Growth For Realty Sector

The Last few months FY 2013-14 were harsh to the growth and expansion in sectors of economies around the world. The Indian economy was not an exception as it underwent its share of tough spell which witnessed the drying up liquidity, escalating inflation and the dwindling market sentiment. However, the day today exhibits a riving gush in the economic spectacle as the demands and supply quotient is seen to be stabilizing by the passing days.

The real estate sector has been resilient to the slowdown which cuffed the investment intensive domains in the recent past. Few micro markets of growth like the peripheries around metro regions and subsectors like affordable housing and regional commercial segments aided the sustenance of Indian realty sector’s sturdy stance during the testing times.

Encouragingly, the day today is the sight for revival of construction as the demand in the industrial arena looks to be building up yet again. Positive outlooks for the economic growth are surfacing in the media and across-the-board stakeholders are gaining the much awaited confidence. Moving forward, the realty sector is witnessed to be encoring its bounce of growth with influential triggers which are all embracing for its needs of funding and prospects of monetization.

As witnessed, huge land tract deals are proceeding to effect the development of expansive residential/commercial assets in the metro cities like Bangalore and Mumbai. The proprietors/landowners who were distressed during the times of tumbling price graphs for their immovable assets are now out in the market to sell and gain the worth of their holdings which were barren over the last few quarters. This significantly enticed the cash rich developers with who are now eager to buy these land pockets while they are available on relatively cheaper rates.

The number of deals for immovable assets in the metropolitan regions in India over the last few months has been reassuring for the resurgence of realty sector as one of the most profitable investment destinations. Along with the availability of land being sold by owners, who are in a rush to monetize their properties, the developers are now reallocating their funds to develop novel assets and target the untapped segment of buyers.

The elderly residential estates, compact and affordable homes targeting the masses and studio apartments aiming to cater travelling professionals have emerged to be the development prospects with the potential of huge impact in Indian realty market. These segments along with the mixed land use policies and sprawling business districts have surfaced to be the prominent aspects of developments in the realty sector.

Henceforth, the residential sector is yet again gaining its due prominence along with the proprietors willing to facilitate the developers with land tracts which are being converted into sprawling residential enclaves. The realty market sentiment across the primary (fresh properties) and secondary (rental/resale) market is rapidly picking up across the Indian urban regions and other tier two cities. The future which will witness the instatement of a stable government in the center and the subsequent implementation of new development policies is expected to host furthermore boost in realty's growth and expansion across its subsectors.   .



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Indian Developers Reshuffling Their Portfolios In Favor Of The Residential Sector

The Indian commercial and residential realty sectors exhibited noteworthy resilience in the times of sluggish economic stance over the last few quarters. Evolving and rapidly expanding across the new found micro markets of growth, the developers of commercial/residential assets in India have encouragingly bailed out the logjams of growth in few locations with advance in other regions. However, in the present day, the focus of developers is witnessed to be shifting towards the residential sector which has shown signs of robust revival in the recent times.

While clocking significant improvement in the demands of residential units across the tier one and two cities, the Indian real estate sector is evidently on its way towards recovery during the current spell. Today, the Indian developers are adopting an off the hook approach to rejig their investment portfolios and their attempt to focus on the bourgeoning residential market is becoming noticeable by the day.

As reported by Business Today, Shapoorji Pallonji Real Estate, one of the realty major groups in India, is endeavoring to balance out their investment allocation in favor of the residential sector over the next few years. As sighted by this group, certain segments of properties like the mid-high end and the affordable asset market has momentous potential for the years to follow.

Captivatingly, the economic stability post general elections and the fresh enabling guidelines for the realty sector to be effected are few of the many triggers which have set the residential market into the get-set mode. Today the developers are witnessed to be ushering into segments of properties which have not been of much significance till date.

The elderly residential estates, compact and affordable homes targeting the student segment and the studio apartments aiming to cater travelling professionals have emerged to be the development prospects with the potential of huge impact in Indian realty market. These segments along with the mixed land use policies and sprawling business districts have surfaced to be the prominent aspects of town planning in the present day.

The residential sector is yet again gaining its due prominence in the present spectacle of property development across the Indian urban regions and other tier two cities. Huge land tracts are being bought for fresh development in cities like Mumbai and Bangalore and the out skirts of Gurgaon and Noida. Furthermore, the rental and resale business in the secondary market has also upheld a healthy growth over the last few months.

In tandem to the factors discussed above, the future of Indian real estate looks promising for its residential segment along with all the other sectors of construction in the near future. 

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Noida: One Of The Most Well Planned Nodes For Habitation In NCR

Noida (New Okhla Industrial Development Authority) is the city which tops the chart of preferences amongst the home buyer segment in Delhi NCR. This city has been the sight of massive investments in the real estate sector and rapid urbanization in terms of civic and social infrastructure over the last decade. Today, Noida offers healthy and cleaner options of habitation and occupation across its wide expanses of land. These tracts have been meticulously planned and developed while considering the growing demand of assets in this region and the encouraging absorption rate, recorded in the realty market of this city over the last few years.

So what triggered Noida to become the desired destination for all home aspirers seeking assets in the present day?

A glance at the spectacle of property sector in Noida during the current times:

  • The urban infrastructure at this city accommodates the exodus from neighboring cities who sought for rewarding occupation and affordable residential units
  • Meticulous town planning and provisions for open and green tracts have accentuated the prospects of healthier habitation in this city
  • Focus of industry majors like the Television and News domains have opted for Noida as their base in North India and have significantly augmented the job opportunities
  • Average BSP (Basic Selling Price) of properties here is comparatively lower than the nodes like East/South Delhi and Gurgaon
  • The master plan in operation and the one to follow includes huge expansion in the industrial and civic infrastructure along with the connectivity via road and metro links which compliment the livability index in this city
  • Presence of leading developers and their upcoming projects which offer residential units across all ticket sizes and specifications to encourage buyers from different walks of life
  • World-class assets of hospitality, recreation and destinations like the Night Safari and F1 track are major attractions for aspirers of homes from various regions in  India
  • Enabling connectivity via metro and expressways to Greater Noida, Delhi, Agra and Faridabad comes convenient for Noida domiciles
  • Well planned and developed web of main road and service lanes which connect the residential localities and residential sectors to schools, market areas and shopping marts

The spectacle of the Noida’s real estate sector as discussed above has significant bearing on the fast developing residential sector and the noteworthy appreciation of properties in this city. Over the last decade, Noida has exceptionally evolved to be reckoned as a safe haven for investments and a node which offers worthy assets to end users in the real estate sector. With many infrastructure and realty expansion plans on the anvil, the outlook for this city’s realty market looks even more promising for the near future.





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Mumbai: The Warehouse of Potential For Growth In Real Estate Sector

mumbai-505_022713082921Mumbai, the commercial/financial capital of India has been the ground zero for voluminous traction in the real estate sector over the recent past. This city has recorded massive land parcels being bought by the leading developers and witnessed incredible redevelopments at its prime locations. Henceforth, the outlook for the coming quarters FY 2014-15 holds a promising spectacle of growth in the realty market of this city.

On the way towards a stable center in the political domain of the country, the market sentiment in the real estate sector is growing stronger along with the reviving demands for residential units across the metro cities in India. Lately, Mumbai has been the recipient of massive land deals which will certainly be a boost to the construction activity and absorption dimensions in the mid to long term events.

Pockets like the Vasai, Goregaon, Panvel and Chembur have emerged as the corridors of expansion for realty projects in the present times. Here the appreciation values have defied the norms and earned significant returns for investors, transacting for various ticket size assets.

The tome of realty transactions in Mumbai has been witnessed to be getting heftier by the passing weeks. Reassuring civic and social infrastructure along with the enabling connectivity via the expressways and train links have supported the Mumbai suburbs to evolve into the topmost amongst the wish list of home buyers.Subsequently, the leading developers of Mumbai have been encouraged by the picking up numbers in the booking of homes at the stage of soft launch and final launch of their projects. These are the bookings by home aspirers who were fenced owing to speculations and hoping for a healthier investment environment to be realized alongside the conclusion of general elections.

The numbers of rental and lease deals along with the fresh property transactions in Mumbai have risen in current times. Quicker project approvals and reformation of the housing and development policies in the state of Maharashtra have supported the expansion and development activities in this sector. Furthermore, the coming future has been envisioned to further embolden the prospects of growth in the realty market of Mumbai city and its metropolitan region. 

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Newsflash: IndiaHomes Taps The Secondary Market With Significant Investments!!

IndiaHomes Enters The Secondary Real Estate Market! 

April 16, 2014

New Delhi

IndiaHomes, an enterprise which has been the harbor of Excellence, Service, Integrity and Trust in the primary real estate market has now anchored into the secondary real estate market. Much awaited by its thousands of gratified customers, on this day of final declaration, IndiaHomes received a remarkable standing ovation amongst the media fraternity. A long and successful voyage of advisory in the fresh property domain of India has given IndiaHomes, the requisite badge of proficiency and wisdom to explore and add value to the secondary property market.

IndiaHomes: India’s First FDI Funded Real Estate Portal: 

IndiaHomes is the first professional property services company in this sector to receive International Private Equity. Helion Venture Capital and Foundation Capital have already invested US$ 14 million in the company.

IndiaHomes has now received an additional investment of Rs. 150 crore, in an investment round led by New Enterprise Associates (NEA). This is the largest ever investment in a real estate portal in India. NEA, started more than 30 years ago, is a global venture capital firm, which helps exceptional entrepreneurs build transformational businesses and has an office in Silicon Valley, USA widely known as the technology capital of the world. This current round of investment of Rs. 150 Crore also included further investments by Helion Ventures and Foundation Capital.

IndiaHomes: Globally Patented Technology Platform For Growth:

IndiaHomes is the only company in the real estate segment in India to use technology as a platform to enable customers to make informed decisions. It is the first company to have a UX and UI website designed for mobile devices with a cutting edge ‘mobile first’ strategy. International UX designers have been instrumental in the conceptualization and designing the website.

The company today also unveiled its new globally patented technology- the Lead Preview System or LPS, which enables a voice clip of a caller to be sent directly to a pre-selected and validated empaneled broker by the help of the Genie Algorithm. This saves time for a customer as there is a perfect match between the buyer and seller. All brokers are screened through a stringent due diligence process as well as customer feedback to ensure reliability and credibility.

IndiaHomes, the pioneer’s new venture into the secondary domain, will entail their prudent services to assist the customers in the sphere of resale/rental asset market across 50 cities in India. Considering the sentiment driven real estate sector and its nuances, IndiaHomes entrance into the secondary market has come across to be a respite to the current spectacle where a common home aspirer has no safeguard against the unscrupulous trade practices, prevalent in this sector.

Their impeccable track record of advisory in the fresh property market has bestowed IndiaHomes with tributes from numerous of their customers and developer partners.

Bala Deshpande, Senior Managing Director of NEA, who led the investment and has now joined the Board of IndiaHomes, stated “In the increasingly exciting world of real estate portals, IndiaHomes has demonstrated a leadership position by achieving tangible real business results. We believe that the winning combination of cutting edge technology coupled with disciplined rigorous execution will ensure IndiaHomes will be the market defining company in this space. We are delighted to partner them on this exciting journey.”

While associating with all the leading developer groups in India, IndiaHomes has flourished all across the metro regions in India with their advisory services which include:

  • A complete turnkey of services to its customers in both the primary as well as secondary market such as short-listing of suitable properties, comparisons of multiple properties, market analysis and unbiased recommendations and advice best suited to the specific needs of the customer
  • IndiaHomes provides end to end customer solutions through its value added services like expert documentation, finance and mortgage along with its core business of buying/selling/rental of residential properties.
  • The information of all types of properties available at various locations in the regions like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Noida
  • Free of cost property site visits in accord with their customer’s convenience
  • Legal and Financial advisory for all property transactions

Elaborating on this investment stated Mr. Samarjit Singh, Founder and Managing Director, IndiaHomes, “This investment will fuel our growth as we expand our presence from 10 to 50 cities in the next few months.  Additionally, we will also make a foray into the secondary market and envisage 60:40 ratio between primary and secondary market in the near future.”  Mr. Singh added, “Our Financial Goal is reach US$5bn of sales in GMV (Gross Merchandise Value) in 1000 days from the current run rate of $1bn GMV, a 5 fold increase.”


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May 3-8, 2014: America To Show Case The Jewels Of Indian Properties

The Indian real estate sector has promptly embraced the contemporary practices of trade which are being adopted across the world realty market. While judiciously realizing the recent trends, today the Indian property segment has successfully revamped its carriage and stretched far beyond its conventional matrix of trade. In the present day, efficiently reaching out to a varied mix of customers and catering to the international arcade has evolved to be the mantra of sustainable expansion for the Indian realty sector.

Amongst others like the national property expos and exhibitions in Dubai, the 8th Annual India Property Show to be held in US comes as yet another advance for Indian real estate sector en route for the global market. This show will be hosted in cities like Edison, Houston, Sunnyvale and Seattle owing to the clamp of NRI population here. The prospective home buyers who are eager to invest in the Indian realty market will be targeted by leading Indian developers with attractive assets which are under development and match the global standards.

In tandem to the enhanced affluence of Indian’s abroad and the rapid progress made by the Indian real estate sector, the NRI fraternity has turned to be the bull's eye for Indian developers who aspire to extend their offerings to a wider group of home buyers. Exhibition of properties across many cities in India is expected to attract the buyers who will also be facilitated with home loan options for instant bookings and transactions.  

To prove as an interactive platform for the developers and home buyers, this property show will not only ordained to sell concrete assets. Along with the availability of assets, the show will also be the podium to acquaint the visitors with property trends and market insights related to the respective locations in India.

Investments from abroad and the augmented interest/awareness of NRIs in the Indian property market have always been applauded by the local partakers of this sector for logical motives. Increased flow of investments and further accentuation of the Indian real estate domain are few of the many upshots of such property expos.

The 8th Annual India Property Show in US is envisioned to be the landmark of progress for the Indian realty sector which has encouragingly endured through the times of sluggish economic growth over the last year. Alongside the picking up local demands and growing investments from the native stakeholders, the international recognition from such expos will certainly promote the Indian realty market to further heights. 

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Delhi NCR..The Gold Mine of Real Estate In North India

The Delhi NCR region has emerged as the forerunner of realty project launches and significant appreciation even while the Indian economy faced contraction across its industrial sectors and manufacturing domain. The real estate sector in this region has been the recipient of noteworthy developments which triggered the expansion of assets and habilitation of numerous immigrants form the neighboring states.

The performance of Delhi NCR’s realty sector and the revelation of its true potential has been an upshot of factors like:

  • Evolving peripheries around the satellite nodes like Gurgaon and Noida
  • Lower assets prices in these peripheries and the residential/commercial constructions catering varied customers (availability of units across all the ticket sizes)
  • The proximity of these newly found hotbeds of properties to the fully established, upmarket addresses for occupation in the capital of India
  • Expanding development corridors around Delhi, Dwarka, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida which have been duly reinforced with ample social and civic infrastructure
  • Massive industrial infrastructure and warehousing facilities along the Dwarka Expressway, Neemrana and the foreign investments to promote trade and commerce around the expressway which flanks Gurgaon and Noida
  • Enabling connectivity of the peripheries with the transit and transport link routes to the inward depots of travel like the metro stations, bus stands and on the outside terminals like the international and domestic airports

The above mentioned factors have overcome the dampened state of realty expansion in this region. These factors have induced stability in the realty market as the absorption rate of newly developed projects is on its way back towards an upward movement. Driven by the encouraging demand for office space in the nodes like Gurgaon and Noida, the residential sector has benefitted owing to the domino effect which entailed a revival in the demands of residential units amongst the salaried professional’s segment of home buyers.  

Seconding the spectacle of real estate in Delhi NCR during the present day, the outlook of this sector for the coming future looks furthermore promising. A more stable realty ecosystem post the general elections and the launches which have been waiting for this milestone are certainly expected to bolster the real estate sector with additional growth and expansion in the near future.



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Mumbai Records Unwavering Appreciation Across The Asset Markets

Mumbai, the commercial core of India, has been the city which tops the list of home aspirers in India. This city has been featuring prominently in the news of capital appreciation and massive redevelopments which have accentuated the worth of Mumbai assets even further. The upheld monies for expansion of infrastructural development and the conducive policy framework for land development in Mumbai have attracted enormous local and foreign investments in the residential and commercial domains of construction over the recent past.

In the present day, the Mumbai seems to be rejigging its development plans in order to accommodate more residential units in tandem to the demand which is on a constant rise over the last decade. The redevelopment initiatives and quicker approvals for such projects, investments in the rapid transit and transport facilities along with the expanding infrastructure in Mumbai Eastern Suburbs are few of endeavors to accommodate more asset aspirers in this city and its metropolitan region.

For instance, the transit development plans in Mumbai have significantly aided the evolution of areas like Chembur, Bhandup and Mulund over the last few years. Here, the land for industries was sequentially demarcated for residential use and hyper expansion in the connectivity links helped the cause of facilitating significant progress in the housing development sector. The proposals of mono rail and freeways infrastructure at these locations proved to be the boosters of investments in the development of housing assets which were complimented with the provisions of ample civic amenities.

As witnessed, the spectacle property developments in the areas like Badlapur, Panvel and Dombivali in the present day exhibit a different side to the price grades of assets in Mumbai. Contrary to the common perception, these areas are the destinations which offer compact and reasonably priced homes which act as respites to the home buyers longing to attain a habitation in this city known for its exorbitantly priced assets. The new projects launches by leading developers at suburban locations and the redevelopment initiatives at prime residential/commercial hubs in the city have effected hopes for availability of homes in Mumbai at several locations which are reassuring with civic and social infrastructure.

Today, Mumbai has surfaced to be the top preference of home aspirers desiring for a contemporary lifestyle. This city promises assets which are regionally priced to suit varied demands of buyers belonging to various segments of affordability. Furthermore, the sustained progress in the hospitality and commercial sector along with major deals by foreign corporate players is recurrently demonstrating the potential of the expanding realty market in this city. 

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The Real Estate Sector Rallying At the Stock Market

The real estate sector has been the feeble nerve for its investors and stakeholders over the last few quarters. Like other domains in the Indian economy, this sector had also witnessed the reality bites which dug into the exchequers of developers and buyers while the economies around the world struggled to attain stability. However, the stock exchange during the present day advocates for a flip side which is gradually surfacing with a ray of hope for revival in this sector.

The realty stocks have been faring well at the Indian stock market along with the other promising triggers which are at play in the current market state of affairs.  Amongst other whys and wherefores, the demand for Indian realty stocks and substantial buying at the share bazaar has textured owing to improvising market sentiment amongst the realty partakers in the country.

As reported by The Economic Times, the would be instatement of a new ruling establishment at the center of Indian politics and the hopes for fresh project approvals and firmer market guidelines to be realized, seems to be working in favor of real estate sector in the country.  Furthermore, the investor sentiment is strengthening in pursuance of other factors like:  

  • The post general elections and the subsequent stability has emboldened the prospects of local/national realty stocks in the present times 
  • The cyclical revival in the worth of values is attracting buyers and recuperating their interest in the construction domain and prospects of monetization in this arena
  • Consumer Price inflation has moderated and has been complimented by the instilled stability in the currency market to reassure a downward movement in the inflation digits
  • Private equity firms and the international investment funds have encouragingly invested in Indian real estate sector and accentuated the worth of Indian realty domain
  • Encouragement has come from the new micro markets of growth around the peripheries of metro regions which have been the recipients of massive funding and developments over the last few quarters

Factors mentioned above have begun to realize the true potential of the Indian real estate sector and navigated the funders back to the construction alley which was partially forsaken over the last year. Now the projections for realty operations, future stock performance and values of property appreciation are all bright and inviting more financiers towards this sector. Probing further, the home buyers/investors, have again sighted the realty destination to hold potential of offering worthy possessions and significant profits in the present day and the near future. 

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Dubai: The Indian Property Market…Yet Again Tops The News Charts

The Indian real estate sector is finally liberating from the slowdown which had been hampering growth all across the industrial sectors of Indian economy over the past few quarters. The construction domain upheld encouraging growth records in many of its micro markets even while other sectors struggled to fare well in the times of parched channels for funding. Yet another boost to this sector comes from the International Property Show (IPS) to begin in Dubai from 8th of April this year.

As reported by The Economic Times, the International Property Show (IPS) to be held in Dubai is expected to be the podium for Indian realty sector to exhibit its true potential across various segments of asset development.  National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) is the flagship for Indian realty to spearhead participation and offer an array of property options to the prospective buyers in the Middle East.

Interestingly, the properties developed by the leading real estate enterprises from India are the most sought after in this part of the world. Following the precedents, the Indian realty sector is expected to lead the quantum of transactions and investment abroad while expanding its scope of operations and enlarging the customer base way beyond its national territories. Developers across the Indian metro cities and other nodes are expected to hold the flag post of this property affair which is the helm of the global property arena.

Seconding the media reports, the improved GDP figures and the lower inflation has accentuated the worth of investments in the Indian real sector. Along with the encouraging statistics from the economic surveys, the real estate sector in India has reassuringly expanded deep into the peripheries of metro regions where massive investments were poured into the commercial and residential subsectors.

The revival of construction and a subsequent push to the manufacturing and service industry in India and the South Asian economies is much awaited during the present day. Moving forward, such property expos and enhancement in the target customer base have various upshots to be looked forward for. The recognition for native realty market being the first and augmentation in the global interest and monies flowing into the Indian real estate being the second, amongst many more promising prospects of growth and expansion. 

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